Talent Is not Enough

While it may seem obvious, it continues to surprise me how the most talented individuals often do not make good employees. While we pride ourselves on having exceptionally low turn-over for our industry, we have still had our share of people who just do not work out. So for all you talented people out there, please learn that your raw talent just isn't enough to do much more than work for yourself.

Being Talented Doesn’t Mean You Still Don't Have Problems

Are you the world’s most creative designer? Can you program a thousand lines of code with your eyes closed? Good, it’s a start. Next you need to learn how to talk to clients, communicate clearly with your co-workers, show up to work and meetings on time, and accurately put your hours in. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Your strengths make you good, but overcoming your weaknesses makes you great.

I Don’t Care How Good You Are if You Are a Jerk

One of the most important part of MY job is to make sure my employees more or less like coming to work, and enjoy working here. If I have more employees than just you, I can’t employ you if you are a jerk. Do you constantly rub your talent in and belittle others? Do you insert yourself into other people’s conversations? Do you constantly argue about sensitive politic and/or religious issues at all times of the day? Do you pretty much fail at every opportunity to let others know you respect them? You’re fired.

Finding Problems Is NOT as Smart as Finding Solutions

I am continually surprised at how often people pat themselves on the back for pointing out a problem. The reality is that EVERYONE KNOWS THE PROBLEMS! Every business has its problems, inefficiencies, issues, etc. You get no points for being clever for pointing them out. If you really want to look smart, offer some ideas on how to fix problems. If you want to look like a genius, fix the problem first and then tell everyone.

You Don’t Have to Work Here

No matter how good you are, I can find someone to fill your job. If you hate working here, leave. If I hear from your co-workers constant negative feedback about things you hate about your job, the company, or others, I am going to do you a favor and let you go. If you are as talented, as smart, as creative, and just so damn awesome as you think you are, you will have no problem getting a job anywhere you want. Go live your dreams, and end our nightmare.

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